Research hub for gender+ equity in sport launch

Research hub for gender+ equity in sport launch E⋅Alliance is a knowledge creation, curation and translation hub made up of scholars and partner organizations from across Canada who are dedicated to gender+ equity in sport. Gender+ refers to girls, women and gender minorities within and beyond the binary system.

The Hub is led by three co-directors, Dr. Gretchen Kerr (University of Toronto), Dr. Guylaine Demers (Université Laval) and Dr. Ann Pegoraro (University of Guelph) and is guided by a scientific committee of scholars from across the country who are committed to advancing gender+ equity in sport in Canada.

Working with key Canadian sport stakeholders at all levels, E⋅Alliance will provide the evidence and knowledge transfer to the sport system, all in the goal of meeting the target of gender equity in Canadian sport by 2035.